Applethought, Vivallakullen, Örebro


Applethought is a three-meter high and one and a half-meter wide stainless steel sculpture. Throughout history, the apple has symbolized love, fertility, ...
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Sunshell, Norrtälje Harbour

Bigert & Bergström have been commissioned to make a sculpture for the harbour in Norrtälje. The sculpture "Sunshell" is a 1000 times magnified ...
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New Tomorrows Weather commission

We’re very pleased to announce that a new weather station project will be realized in Oslo, Norway. Tomorrows Weather, Valle Hovin Upper Secondary School won the closed ...
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Party Streamer Twister

Bigert & Bergström have been commissioned to make a sculpture for Förbifart Stockholm, the forthcoming Stockholm bypass, which will mostly run underground. The ...
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Face au Temps, Hôpital Delafontaine, Saint-Denis, Paris, 2014-2016

The weather is one of the world’s most common topics of conversation – something that brings people together and can always be related to, regardless of cultural background or ...
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Explosion of Speech in Venice

"Artecitya. Envisioning the City of Tomorrow" in Venice

Last January, the Europe-wide program Artecitya (2015-2018), a collaboration ...
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Important Message To The Public, 2015, 14 min. DCP

Commissioned by the Swedish Television and The Swedish Film Institute Important Message To The Public (VMA–Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten) is a new surrealistic activist film in ...
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Falling Apples, Hegg School, Lier, Norway, 2015

Bigert & Bergström are working on a new public commission for the Hegg school in Lier, Norway. The project is titled Falling Apples and consists of a group of hanging large apples made of stainless steel. Parts of the apples are polished to a mirror that reflect an altered image of the viewer. As a physical version of the protocinematic technique of chronophotography, developed by Etienne Jules Marey in the 1880s, the apples are fixed mid-air in different stages of their fall. On their way down through the central atrium of the school, the apples looses more and more of their physicality. And an apple on the floor is almost completely consumed as it is transformed into a social sculpture on which the visitors can sit down.

The project is made in collaboration with the city of Lier and KORO Norway and will be finalized during the spring 2015.

Tip Of An Iceberg, 2014-2016

For the main entrance of the new Karolinska Hospital conference facility we’re working on an artistic creation entitled Tip Of An Iceberg. The glass cube in the entrance will be ...
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