Face au Temps, Hôpital Delafontaine, Saint-Denis, Paris, 2014-2016

The weather is one of the world’s most common topics of conversation – something that brings people together and can always be related to, regardless of cultural background or ethnicity – at least regionally. We are all equal under the forces of nature. From a broader perspective, climate and weather are a global concern that in recent years has developed into an explosive debate on how humans are affecting them through our lifestyles. Weather and climate also affect our health, a correlation that is studied in the field of biometeorology.

For the Hôpital Delafontaine in Saint-Denis outside of Paris we are currently sketching a work of public art that will bring the weather and the discussion of climate and health directly to the facade and corridors of the hospital. The starting point is the removal of concrete ornamentation on the window niches of a large elevator shaft, which have served as an elegant contrast to the brutally utilitarian facade. This formed the basis of the design language we developed in our proposal. The idea is to use a reflective material that will mirror changes in the sky outdoors as well as the visitors indoors. We want to replace the snaking wavy shapes with isobars, warm and cold fronts, wind arrows, rain, clouds and sun discs. Symbols that move between the recognizable and the more scientific. Made of reflective steel in a variety of colors, they join together to form a map stretching up along the facade’s niches. A weather forecast of the whole world’s climate zones.

The project is a collaboration with 3CA, Paris, and is going to be inaugurated 29 September, 2016.

Sketch/photo montage, Face au Temps
Bigert & Bergström 2014


Hospital de Saint-Denis before dismantling old facade relief
3D render, detail, Face au Temps, Bigert & Bergström 2014
3D render, detail, Face au Temps, Bigert & Bergström 2014
Modeling weather signs, Stockholm
Manufacturing weather signs, Beijing
Manufacturing weather signs, Beijing
Manufacturing weather signs, Beijing
Shipping weather signs, Beijing
Shipping weather signs, Beijing
Test mount weather signs, Paris


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