The Climate Experiment - A film by Bigert & Bergström

Artist duo Bigert & Berströms new film The Climate Experiment (2018) presents the lurking awareness of our own role in the change of climate. The title of the film refers to the kind of research that challenged the conception of nature as an inexhaustible resource, but also to the artists' own work with various geo-engineering projects, in which they try to deal with the effects of an increasingly heated atmosphere. In the film we follow Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström during the last year's research journeys, major exhibitions, inaugurals of public works and meetings with journalists, environmental historians and climate researchers. Can the artist be a social-minded researcher? Can contemporary art draw attention to problems in new ways and thus affect public opinion? The movie is an attempt to answer these questions.

Premiere screening, Skissernas Museum, Lund 31 May 2018 19.00

TV Premiere Sweden, Friday 01 June 2018 at SVT2 20:00

22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, 25-30 October, 2018





Scene, The Climate Experiement
Credits, The Climate Experiement
Interview with Jacob Dreyer, Scene from The Climate Experiement


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