The Climate Fix, Uddevalla Konsthall, 8th December 2018 - 14th April 2019

Vernissage Saturday 8th December

13.00 Screening of the film The Weather War

14.00 Welcoming speech by Annette Prior, museum curator at Bohusläns museum. Agneta von Zeipel, curator, presents the exhibition Stefan Edman, writer, discusses enviromental issues.

15.00 – 15.45 Lecture by Mark Johnson, associate professor at The University of Gothenburg.

The Climate Fix stretches over some 30 years of collaboration, from works inspired by dioramas in biological museums to works that illustrate the connection between our technological advances and the increasingly alarming changes in the climate.

In the summer of 2018, the glacier that marks Kebnekaise’s southern peak had melted so much that it had been replaced as Sweden’s highest point by the northern peak. In 2015, Bigert & Bergström undertook a rescue mission to stop the increase in melting glaciers which is the foremost symptom of increasing climate changes. In their work entitled Rescue Blanket for Kebnekaise, included in the exhibition, the duo focused on large-scale solutions to fix the climate using so-called geo-engineering.

With an artistically creative approach and a conceptual starting point, they succeed in visualizing important connections between climate and human influence. In the present exhibition they want to problematize how science and technology have sought to control the weather and to create artificial climates. The weather constantly affects us, both physically and mentally and it has influenced history through its unpredictability.

With creative new thinking and penetrating humour they point to the climate’s drastic changes as the most important issue of our time, ultimately determining human survival and the earth as a sustainable planet for all living things.

A lecture on 23 January at 18.00 will address the issue of how long we have left in which to stop climate change. The earth’s climate has always changed - but our own very rapid impact has plunged the planet and humanity into a dangerous condition. The lecturer is biologist Stefan Edman (doctor honoris causa) who is the author of a book on climate change entitled Jorden har feber [The earth has a temperature].

Guided tours of the exhibition will be available on the following days at 13.00: 11, 20 December 2018, 16, 22 and 30 January 2019

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