The Weather War at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

On 4th March, 2017, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum will present “The Weather War,” a special commissioned exhibition produced by curator Kaimei Olsson Wang and the Swedish artists Bigert & Bergström (Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström, B&B). This will be the artistic duo’s first large-scale solo exhibition in Asia.
The Weather War is a documentary/art film created by Bigert & Bergström in 2012, depicting B&B’s travel in the American most tornado affected states with their imaginary machine/sculpture, trying to divert a tornado. Taking the vantage point from the film, the exhibition shows several of the artistic duo’s most recent climate-related artworks. Focusing on man’s attempts of atmospheric control through various geo-engineering techniques, the exhibition walks the audience through three different thematic zones: The Storm, The Drought and The Freeze. Finally, the exhibition invites the audience to enter the history of the weather through a new installation entitled ”Inside the Weather—a Synoptic Battlefield.” Total of 30 artworks will use 1500 square meters museum space in two floors.


Studio Bigert & Bergström

Västmannagatan 73
113 26 Stockholm


Mats Bigert
+46 708 57 86 52

Lars Bergström
+46 708 57 86 53

Represented by:
Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm

Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Cis Art Lodgers, Barcelona


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