Tomorrow's Weather Stockholm Central Station, 2012

At the request of Sweden’s National Public Art Council and the rail transport industry real estate company Jernhusen, Bigert & Bergström have completed a new site-specific work of art ...
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Solar Passage, 2011

For Familjebostäder’s new block of flats, Kvarteret Torken in Hammarby Sjöstad, Bigert & Bergström have created a new work of art based on the passage of the sun across the sky. Solar ...
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Tornado Touch Down, 2010

Outside the travel centre in the Swedish town of Borås, a twisted steel pipe tornado has touched down. The sculpture was commissioned by the city of Borås and reflects on the town’s ...
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Tomorrow's Weather, Copenhagen, 2009

The electric light installation “Tomorrow's Weather, Copenhagen” consists of 125 atmospheric molecules (H2O, CO2, N2, O3 etc.) lighting up the new headquarters of the Danish ...
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Mirage, 2009

A pixelated palm tree on a small island, form the work “Mirage”. Thousands of little plastic cubes create a fuzzy jitter, which gives the piece an aura of physical un-focus. The ...
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Tunnel Vision, 2008

During 2008, Bigert & Bergström’s quadroscopic film installation “Tunnel Vision” was shown at the Skanstull subway station in Stockholm. The film depicts fourteen ...
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Ecco Humor, 2003

This work is comprised of a 50 meter long and 6 meter high wall of super reflective stainless steel. Bigert & Bergström have transformed an underground parking lot, outside the Dunkers ...
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Pep Talk, 2003

Outside the public ice rink in Älta, East of Stockholm, stands a group of street lights in an awkward formation. Like a team of hockey players, the street lights have bent their globes slightly ...
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Flash of Genius, 2002

As in most of our public works the core of the idea relates to the site's social function. What is the context and how does our work of art add to this situation? The site of the Nacka ...
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