Moments of Silence at Aldrich Museum - August 6 to 26 2018

At certain times, dates and places, pedestrians halt, traffic stops and silence ensues. For just a moment, generally counted in minutes, the world is a frozen arrow pointing at the thought of ...
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Victory Over the Sun, The Poetics and Politics of Eclipse, KMAC, Louisville, KY

Bigert & Bergström participates with their film Moment of Silence in the group exhibition Victory Over the Sun, The Poetics and ...
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Death – An Exhibition about Life

Death – An Exhibition about Life has its origins in four artists (Bigert & Bergström's, Stefan Karlsson’s, Tomas Lundberg’s, Cecilia Runes­ son’s) ...
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Bigert & Bergström in group show Surfacing Earth at Röda Sten, Gothenburg

Surfacing Earth will address various ways in which man-made changes of the planet’s ecosystem have left physical marks on the Earth's surfaces—in ...
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In the Wake, group show at the Houston Center for Photography

In the Wake
Houston Center for Photography
4 March–8 May, 2016
Participating ...
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The Wave @ Norrköpings Konstmuseum

The Air Castle
Norrköpings Konstmuseum
13 February–28 August, 2016
Curator: Johanna Uddén
Participating artists:
Amara ...
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The Weather War exhibition at STUK in Leuven

Artifact, Up in the Air
STUK, Leuven
9 Feb-21 Feb, 2016
Curator: Karen Verschooren
Participating ...
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Gudrun, Memory of a Storm, Växjö Konsthall, 13 June – 6 September, 2015

In 2005 the storm Gudrun devastated large parts of southern Sweden. Now ten years later, Växjö Konsthall presents an exhibtion that focus on this traumatic event in the region. Bigert & Bergström participate with their project The Weather War which features both their film on man-made attempts to control the weather, as well as the sculptural objects appearing in it: a protective storm shelter, The Tornado Diverter, Space Solar Mirrors and the big black sphere titled The Problem.

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