CO2 Lock-In - Copenhagen Business School Campus, 1 September - 15 October 2021


Six iron sculptures, by the internationally renowned artist-duo Bigert & Bergström, are installed outside of the Copenhagen Business School`s (CBS) main campus between the 1st of September and 15th of October. Each of the sculptures carries a heavy weight of 300 kg, which is the average CO2 emission of a Dane every two weeks. The CO2 Lock-In sculptures invite you to experience and explore themes of sustainability with your own body. What emotions and reflections emerge, as we become detained to the weight of our climate emissions?

The inauguration of the exhibition was held on Responsibility Day, which since 2009 has been arranged by CBS to engage new students in discussions about sustainability and social responsibility. The day marks the dispatch of the academic journey for thousands of aspiring businesswomen and men. Today, more than a decade later, the themes of Responsibility Day are more relevant than ever. You are invited to participate and engage with CO2 Lock-In, by locking yourself into the sculptures, to provoke reflection on individual and collective responsibilities in the era of a climate crisis.