Inauguration - BBQ Meteorite - Public Work


In the outskirts of the satellite town Sundbyberg outside of Stockholm, locals can now gather around BBQ Meteorite. Behind a housing complex, a meteorite in cast iron has struck down. By the shape of the Youndegin meteorite found in Western Australia in 1884, the heat-resistant sculpture rises three metres above the ground, standing in a crater inspired by Rosendal palace’s monumental classical vase in porphyry. The inhabitants can hang out, grill, and make BBQs around the sculpture. The installation also consists of two bent tables and benches where neighbours can have food and picnic. The form of the seats opens the space to the playground across the place. (Text by Otto Ruin)

BBQ Meteorite made for Kvarteret Ekdungen
Commissioner: Tom Radway, Förvaltaren AB
Public Art Consultant: Ann Magnusson, AM Public

"BBQ Meteorite." Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

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