Inauguration - Sensing the Arctic, land art work - Abisko - 17 August 2023


The inauguration of Bigert & Bergström’s land art piece, Sensing the Arctic, will take place on a permafrost mire near the Swedish Tourist Association in Abisko on Thursday, the 17th of August,  between 15.00–17.00. The press preview with a guided tour will be on the 16th of August at 11.00.

Building on an artistic tradition of using technology to mediate nature, weather and climate, the land art project Sensing the Arctic studies how to translate the processes of climate change into bodily experiences. The project aims to create a possible model of the climate processes’ complexity – a chimera representing the conditions inside a thawing mire outside Abisko – that captivates the viewer. Inspired by the Open Top Chambers, the small open greenhouses scientists use to simulate a warmer climate, Bigert & Bergström have developed their own sculptural versions that create a land art installation on the mire. This piece mimics the scientific experiment and develops it into experiential platforms that can induce alternative narrative structures to traditional scientific narratives.

For more information about the artwork, please click HERE

'Sensing the Arctic'. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger
'Sensing the Arctic', drone image by Aril Petersson