Safeguarding Our Nature and Climate — GROUP SHOW — Skovhuset Art & Nature, Danmark — 20 November 2021 – 30 January 2022


Skovhuset Art & Nature is an independent art space and centre for cultural activities. Skovhuset (the Forest House) is located in a forest by Søndersø Lake in Værløse, not far from Copenhagen.

Their 2021 programme launches Skovhuset’s new exhibition profile. Through a series of world-class exhibitions and a programme of tailored activities and events we aim to put Skovhuset on the map as a creative hub specialising in and nurturing interaction between art and nature in order to increase awareness of the current state of the environment on which our lives depend.

The exhibition Safeguarding Our Nature and Climate (Naturen, det billige skidt) focuses on the need to protect our nature and planet, which has become increasingly urgent, and also on the awareness of the need for sustainability and environmental protection in the light of the alarming rate of climate change and environmental destruction. This is a field in which many artists have been pioneers, and is more essential than ever if we are to engage and take action.

Exhibiting artists: Bigert & Bergström, Jesper Dalgaard, Olafur Eliasson, Ilkka Halso and Andreas Schulenburg

More info about the group show: HERE

"The Problem", still from the film "The Weather War", 2012