Space Seed public work inauguration, Djurgården / 8 October 2020


On 8th of October, the Draconids meteor shower is expected to cause spectacular star falls in the evening sky over the entire Northern Hemisphere. On the same day, the sculpture Space Seed, an enormous bronze meteorite by the artist duo, Bigert & Bergström, will be inaugurated outside the Aira restaurant (Biskopsvägen 9) at Djurgården in Stockholm

Space Seed is an interactive sculpture about both birth and doom. Invites the visitors to crawl in and explore its interiors. When you feel these surfaces with your hand or sit down for a while to rest inside the sculpture, you will also notice that the metal is still hot, says Bigert & Bergström

Meteorites are believed to have been of great importance for the origin of life on earth but also caused mass extinctions. The climatic changes caused by the impact of the Chicxulub meteorite on the Yukatan Peninsula in Mexico, 65 million years ago are considered to be the main reason of the dinosaurs extinction.

Our sculpture is inspired by the Danish-Swedish architect and sculptor, Egon Möller-Nielsen’s work, The Egg (Tessinparken). By crawling around it, you can activate several senses, which is also our intention with the Space Seed. To playfully involve the passers-by in a physical contact, into a story about this dramatic natural phenomena, as the the artists formulated.

Space Seed is commissioned by Kvalitena for Tommy Myllymäki’s restaurant Aira on Biskopsudden.

Photo: Jean-Baptist Béranger
Photo: Jean-Baptist Béranger

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