SOLO SHOW — The Hurricane Party — Norrtälje Konsthall, 12 February – 7 May 2022


In their exhibition Hurricane Party, Bigert & Bergström have transformed Norrtälje Konsthall into a place where a possible hurricane party already has, or just might, take place. The building’s entrance, several floors and the terrace have been activated by different installations and works of art bearing paradoxes – objects, films and sculptures that oscillate between different emotional states. These states are often found along the front lines of weather and climate hot zones, and B&B have always been fascinated by these borderlines where ordered, comfortable states of being threaten to tip over into disaster. Many have probably lived through such a phase transition, where a lovely, warm holiday excursion turned into a nightmare when an unexpected storm rolled in.

Exhibition opening: 12 February, 12:00-16:00

More information: HERE

Installation view: "Red Carpet Party Blowout" (2022), "Airy Fairy" (1997). Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger