Know Yourself
Kulturhuset, Galleri 3, Stockholm


Know Yourself is a large-scale installation dealing with new theories and questions debated within neuroscience and psychology, connecting the functions of our conscience and brain with our emotions. Build as a physical mind-map, the viewer is drawn into a series of chambers representing different affects and topics relating to new findings within the field of neuroscience.

The project was initiated by Article 31, a non-profit organization dedicated to highlight the importance of engaging kids in the production of cultural values and resulted in an exhibition, which was shown at Kulturhuset in Stockholm and at the Museums of World Culture in Gothenburg (17 September 2011 – 29 April 2012).

All the installations are a product of workshops where groups of kids, psychologist, neuro-scientists and Bigert & Bergström participated. The exhibition is an experiment where sculptural platforms activate the bodies of the visitors, being drawn into a discussion around how our cognitive reading of the world is manifested through our affects and emotions.

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"Know Yourself" exhibition invitation card
Installation plan


Photos: Tove Falk Olsson
"Affektarium" entrance
"Affektarium" sits
"Affektarium," video documentation
"Anechoic Chamber"
"Anechoic Chamber," detail
"Anechoic Chamber," floor
"Anechoic Chamber," video documentation
Drop Room
Drop Room, video documentation
"Heart Hearth"
"Heart Hearth"
"Heart Hearth," close-up
"Heart Hearth" video documentation
"Circles of I"
"Circles of I" video documentation
"Pixled Dream"
"Pixled Dream"
"Pixled Dream," close-up
"Pixled Dream" video documentation
"Pneuma Chamber"
"Pneuma Chamber"
"Pneuma Chamber" video documentation
Mirror Room
Mirror Room, close-up
Mirror Room, close-up
Placement of the mirrors

Idea and project management: Anette Andersson and Anna Wennergren, Artikel 31
Curators (Kulturhuset): Mathilda Hult och Pia Kristoffersson

Participating children: Sofia Ahlin, Simona Avelli, Martin Bacic Mikkelsen, Eiralin Brook, Elin Franzén Korduner, Miranda Gothe, Vilma Gothe, Norea Hallberg , Inti Holewa Mendoza, Filippa Holm, Henny Holm, Astrid Hultenius, Carolina Johnson, Liv Lemoyne, Vera Lindgren, Agaton Mörsare, Malva Nilsson, Lina Olsson Lejeune, Samuel Ram, Lova Schager Vrisemo, 
Truls Schager Vrisemo, Hanna Schoenbaum, Alexander de Sousa, Evelina Prajumsock, Scott Walton, Ellinor Öst

Exhibition desgin: Bigert & Bergström
Technical construction and consulation: Lars Hässler
Sound design: Girilal Baars, Ninni Hasselberg and Helene Hedsund
Exhibition technicians: Francisco Bueno, Roger Josefsson, Erik Persson and Daniel Reichardt
Lightning: Henry Andersson
Bigert & Bergström's assistants: Jens Lind, Tove Kjellmark, Andrea Hvistendahl, Jenny Berntsson and Lucas Elander Hinnerud
Decor: Peter Sterzenbach
Log: Lotta Kühlhorn
Graphic design: Henrik Löfgren and Mats Bigert
Press and marketing: Lisa Boström
Puppets and mask design: My Walther
Dramaturg: Emma Broström
Exhibition texts: Anette Andersson and Anna Wennergren
Translation: Jan Teeland
Photo-documentation: Tove Falk Olsson
Special thanks to:

Stockholm School of the Arts
Test group: Matilda Björk, Jessica Hagman, Amanda Mikkolar, Christina Sandström, Carolina Sobolewska andWeronica Sobolewska 
Neuroscientist: Mats Lekander and Andreas Olsson 
Daniel Söllscher (Wreck Studios)
Video documentation: Mattias Hambreaus and Daniel Andersson
Anders Mjöbring (web)
Bältarbo tegelbruk
Jaba Group
Broby modell
Abstract Teknisk Design
Steen Industri

With support from: Allmänna arvsfondens