Skovhuset Kunst & Natur, Værløse, Denmark

Exhibiting artists: Bigert & Bergström, Jesper Dalgaard, Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen, Mette Kit Jensen, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Studio Thinkinghand

In Skovhuset’s summer exhibition, The Great Outdoors, the art has moved outdoors. With their works, six artists have entered into a dialogue with the area outside Skovhuset in an investigation of our needs for and ideas about being outdoors and about the way we use nature today. The exhibition also moves inside the Skovhuset, where a smaller number of works are complemented by a lounge area where you can immerse yourself in topics from the exhibition.

The phrase The Great Outdoors is often associated with the image of the magnificent, wild nature and perhaps also with the longing for an alternative to everyday life. For many, a stay in nature is about being able to feel life, feeling like you are part of something bigger, and about the dream of going on an adventure.

With The Great Outdoors, Skovhuset has invited a number of artists to give their take on and interpretation of our need to be outdoors and of the view of nature and contemporary perspective that it reflects.*


Displayed Bigert & Bergström’s work: “Cooling Station Party Tent,” 2022; “Party is Over. Champagne Wind Chimes,” 2020; “Party is Over. Seafood Platter Dream Catcher,” 2020


* The text is an extract of the original text and translated from Danish. Please see the original HERE


Photo: Bastian Birk Thuesen
"Cooling Station Party Tent," 2022. Greenhouse shade cloth, powder coated steel, polyester, water misting system. 320 x 250 x 320 cm
Documentation from The Great Outdoors exhibition. Film by Lars Siltberg
"Cooling Station Party Tent," detail
"Party is Over. Champagne Wind Chimes, 2020." Stainless steel champagne bottle coolers, champagne bottles, corks, aluminum, stainless steel wire. Various dimensions
"Party is Over. Seafood Platter Dream Catcher." Aluminum seafood platter, oyster shells, lobster claws, polyester balloons, metal party streamers, cigarette butt. Various dimensions
"Party is Over. Champagne Wind Chime" and "Cooling Station Party Tent"