Weather Conditions
Galerie Leu, Munich

The exhibition Weather Conditions at Galerie Leu presents artworks that explore the complex relationship between weather, climate, and people from an artistic perspective.

Their works typically combine the visual language of science with artistic expressions. For example, meteorological symbols intersect with impressive nature photographs, or sculptures reference the form of molecules. Their artistic language is characterized by curiosity and a love for experimenting with various materials and technical challenges. By visually making complex questions accessible with humor rather than a raised finger, Bigert & Bergström encourage viewers to playfully reflect on intricate relationships. Their comprehensive projects often require years of research, close collaboration with researchers and institutions, as well as a complete team for execution. They result in temporary or permanent monumental works, usually designed for public contexts, and related series of works.

The exhibition Weather Conditions presents works from the years 2013-2023. The selection from various series provides an insight into the diverse work of Bigert & Bergström and includes, among other things, sculptures in glass and bronze, as well as an installation with a ‘real’ polar bear. Also on display are photographic works, luminous spheres and the film The Freeze about a geoengineering project at the summit of Kebnekaise.


Photos by Galerie Leu
'Crystal Forests,' 2023
'Crystal Forests,' 2023
"Crystal Forests / Fall," 2023
Pieces of 'The Freeze' installation, 2015
Pieces of 'The Drought' series, 2013
"Carbon Capture Island", 2019