China Syndrome Fire Basket

China syndrome is a fanciful term of a nuclear meltdown, which is so severe that the nuclear reactor burns down into the ground, penetrates to the earth and travelling all the way to China.
For the Fire Market, a project organized by Mossutställningar in Stockholm, on 18-19 January 2020, Bigert & Bergström created a new work inspired by the last running nuclear reactor in Oskarshamn, situated in the South East coast of Sweden, which was constructed in 1985. The façade’s black and white bar pattern was designed by the Swedish architect, Karl Gustav Svensson. The architectural intention was to have the reactor visually collaborate with the surrounding landscape, where the bars would melt together with the forest and the white cubicle with the sky. In Bigert & Bergström’s work, a fire is burning inside the skeleton power plant while the public were invited to join a heated discussion about nuclear power and atomic bombs.


"China Syndrome Fire Basket," 2020
Metal, wood, fire, 99 x 130 x 75 cm

Nuclear Power Plant, Oskarshamn 3, Sweden ©
Artists' sketch


Fire Market, Stockholm, 19.01.2020. Photos: Studio Bigert & Bergström and Jana Eriksson


Photo: Jana Eriksson