CO2 Lock-In

A series of balls and chains shaped like carbon dioxide molecules were placed around the city of Stockholm. Made out of 100 percent recycled iron and weighing three hundred kilograms each, this weight represented an average Swede’s CO2 emission over ten days. The project was initiated for the 2012 worldwide climate action “Earth Hour” as a collaboration between Bigert & Bergström and the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). The ambition was to literally detain the public, encouraging a moment of slow reflection by creating a gap in the constant production and consumption of everyday life and forcing a dialogue around these difficult questions.

"CO2 Lock-In," 2012
Cast iron, enamel paint
35 x 83 x 35 cm each
Sergels Torg. Photo: Charlie Drevstam
Sergels Torg. Photo: Charlie Drevstam
Sergels Torg, interaction. Photo: Charlie Drevstam
Sergels Torg. Photo: Charlie Drevstam
Unloading the molecules, Sergels Torg. Photo: Studio Bigert & Bergström
Bonniers Konsthall. Photo: Lars Silberg
Stureplan. Photo: Lars Silberg
Illustration by Johan Mets


Photos: Studio Bigert & Bergström