Drip Drop Future

The film is a short documentary, depicting the icebreaker Oden’s journey from Gothenburg through the Northwest Passage to Barrow in Alaska.

The film follows the giant icebreaker weighing 11,000 tons sailing across the open sea through the polar ice cap. The engines thunder and the boat struggles slowly, inch by inch to reach the researchers’ measurement points. During the journey water was collected in tanks and air samples were drained through filters in dust-free labs. The sea water slowly drips through the analysing equipment that will provide information about it and perhaps provides answers to the state of the world and its future prospects.

The Expedition – Beringia 2005: Ecology and Evolution, was organised by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

“Drip Drop Future,” 2005
4,20 min.
Documentation of a research trip with the icebreaker Oden to the North Pole.
Film, Camera & Editing: Bigert & Bergström
The entire film