Flashlight Bar
1992 / 2011

Two construction workers pull a wagon with building material onto a stage. Guided by the sound of death metal music, a fast and well-rehearsed building choreography leads to the the construction of a small cubicle. Suddenly, the music shifts to smooth jazz; the lights changes and the workers take off their overalls to reveal black suits underneath. Magnetic flashlights are attached to the walls of the cubicle and glasses filled with colored liquid are placed on top of them. When the transformation is complete, the workers become bartenders, and they invite the audience to sip from the colorful, illuminated drinks.


The performance/installation Flashlight Bar was initially performed in 1992 at the Nordanstad & Skarstedt Gallery Annex in Stockholm, and at the opening of the Swedish Pavilion for the World Expo in Seville in the same year.

In 2011 the piece was acquired by Moderna Museet Stockholm and was re-staged as part of the event Printed around the 80s (12 February 2011).


Photos: Charlie Drevstam



Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Photos: Josefine Bäckström
"Flashlight Bar," in Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2011