Red Carpet Party Blowout

The Red Carpet Party Blowout was at display at Bigert & Bergström’s solo exhibition Hurricane Party (2022) at Norrtälje Konsthall. 

Like The Party is Over (2020) and Cooling Station Party Tent (2022), The Red Carpet Party Blowout explores the hangover of the ceaseless consumption capitalism and the remnants of high-times and luxurious living. 

The red carpets resonate with glamorous gala evenings, leaving traces of festive supplies like balloons, confetti, and party horns. Yet uncanny feelings hover around the installation. The red ropes are falling apart, and the brass barriers are violently twisted. The small party horns are cracking like warning sirens or melancholic sights, remembering the good old days. What is awaiting in the not-yet unfolded carpet? The sculptural piece invites the beholder to reflect on our fears about the known and unknown in uncertain times when the heyday of living seems behind us. 

Text by Otto Ruin

Video documentation. Installation view, Hurricane Party exhibition, Norrtälje Konsthall, 12 February - 7 May 2022
"Red Carpet Party Blowout" (2022)
Model of the intsallation