Triviality Inverted

The video Triviality Inverted, projected within an inflated large-format video dome, depicts an elderly man doing his daily housework. The film encompasses twenty-four hours in the man’s life, and each of his activities transitions to the next through a haze of whirling snow.

In Triviality Inverted, the pictorial space in the vaulted interior could be filled with anything; the dome recalls such historical formats as the diorama or the panorama. But instead of celebrating the spectacular, here the most banal and quotidian activities are highlighted—moments of ordinary life transformed into a beautiful snow globe.


"Triviality Inverted," 2001
Digital video, eleven-minute loop, PVC, fan, steel frame, video projector, fish-eye lens, DVD player, speakers, 180 x 300 x 300 cm
Stills from "Triviality Inverted"
Fish-eye incubator. Illustration by Johan Mets

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