Tunnel Vision

During 2008, Bigert & Bergström’s four-channel film installation, Tunnel Vision, was shown at Skanstull subway station in Stockholm. The film depicts fourteen subway drivers as they travel through the tunnels of Stockholm. At each station they switch place, and their personal stories are dissolved into one another. Like a train of thoughts, the associative structure of the film creates a dream like underground landscape, where the drivers inner ideas are seen in the dim light of the surrounding tunnels.

The project was initiated by the Stockholm Subway Art Department in collaboration with KiWi, Stockholm. The film was co-produced by Swedish Television (SVT) Documentary Films.

"Tunnel Vision," 2008. HD, 27.30 min


Skanstull, subway station, Stockholm


Ulrika, close-up
Mjönes, close-up


Sketch for building train cabin
"Tunnel Vision" shooting

"Tunnel Vision," 2008
 HD, 27.30 min

Written and directed by: Bigert & Bergström
Cut: Bigert & Bergström och Mattias Hambraeus
Director of photography: Charlie Drevstam
Light and Grip: Mattias Hambraeus
Electrician: David Rainer
Project co-ordinators: Caroline Friedman och Malin Nordström
Scenography: Elin Segerstedt och Ulf Jonsson
Makeup: Pelle Åkerström, Lisa Petersen och Malin Hostikka
Music: Jean-Louis Huhta
Sound design and mix: Thomas Huhn, Ljudligan
Digital effects, online and grading: Chimneypot Stockholm
Produced by Bigert & Bergström in co-production with Swedish Television (SVT) Documentary Films.
Project manager: Ulla Nilsson 

Thanks to: 
Mohammad Mustafa
Ljud & Bild Media
Participating drivers:

Hildegard Johansson
Kirubel Wondimagegne
Andy Bergman
Sadia Askander
Roger Larsson
Idris Kilic
Monica Lindberg-Wall
Jannis Konstantis
Åsa Davidsson
Thomas Macklin
Ola Berggren
Ulrika Mars
Henrik Mjönes
Yusuf Altun
Johan Winberg