Automobile Emballage

A gigantic ramp was constructed in front of goods entrance. One by one four cars pass in a recurrent circulation. They are painted in earth-colours, carrying enormous packages and with loud sound effects forcing their way out the windows. The fifth car turns into the audience, windows rolled down and a journey follows on the two video-screens that are appearing. The car disappears and we enter the premises burdened with large packages, which are tipped over and left with the audience. The sound of two church-bells comes from the packages. Exit 

Bigert & Bergström's words about the "Automobile Emballage" performance that took place in House 117, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm on 26 November in 1987. The text was published in Bigert & Bergström: Performance 1986-1988. Stockholm: Bigert & Bergström, 1989.
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