Cumulus Humilis (The Humble Cloud)

The work has been commissioned by Sunderby Hospital (Luleå) and is located in the new adult psychiatry building`s inner yard. Cumulus Humilis (The Humble Cloud) is a sitting sculpture, a meeting place that, through its design, elevates a private moment or a conversation into a different sphere. By combining artistic expression, and design with functionality, the artists’ ambition was to create a soothing experience for the hospital’s future patients. 

The sculpture consists of two parts, the sitting surface formally resembles the moment when a raindrop from a cloud arrives at a water surface and creates ripples. The cloud-shaped upper part rotates very slowly, mimicking the slow movement of a cloud in the blue sky. The protractor/brass bow that accompanies the cloud shape has four lighted glass balls evenly distributed on the bow.

Three of them are blue which represents the different shades of the sky while the yellow one refers to the sun. Their light is colouring the cloud by transforming the entire sculpture into an experience of the various shades of the sky in beautiful weather. 

By definition, cumulus humilis are clouds that usually appear between 500 and 1000 meters high. They have a flattened shape with a very light and airy impression. They can appear together with other cloud types, but when they are alone in an otherwise blue sky, this indicates that the weather will continue to be fine, which has given them the nickname “beautiful weather clouds.”

'Cumulus Humilis (The Humble Cloud)', 2021
Sunderby Hospital, Luleå 
epoxy, concrete, light diodes, glass
Photo: Simon Eliasson
Photo: Simon Eliasson
Photo: Simon Eliasson
Illustration by Johan Mets
Computer visualisation