Geode (Wrecked Wrecking Ball)

The large scale installation consists of a bulky broken black sphere and shards / fragments of it with desiccated clay inside. This piece formally and conceptually refers back to Bigert & Bergström’s earlier works and concepts, materialised in a large-scale black ball, The Problem (as the most pressing problem of the human kind which rotates in front of us), or originally the Full Stop (as the manifestation that the end of sentence and discussion shall be followed by action).

However, while previously the thoughts were carried in their full shape, here the problem transformed into a so-called wrecking ball, similar to the one used to demolish buildings and infrastructure. Now the globe itself has been wrecked. Its previous glory and content can only be imagined. Its physical appearance, materiality, the smell and texture of the clay make it real and tangible. Its brutal presence makes us wonder whether it is a remnant of the very end of the Earth, the disaster of the human kind, or only a reminder of what might come?

"Geode (Wrecked Wrecking Ball)," 2023. Photo: Krister Hägglund
Detail. Photo: Krister Hägglund
Detail. Photo: Krister Hägglund


Computer visualisation