The Mouse

Illustration by Johan Mets

The Mouse is an art/documentary film about the complex and contradictory position of the mouse in our lives. The relationship between mice and men began around ten thousand years ago, when humans became residents of permanent dwellings and mice in turn began stealing food and warmth from them. Today, the mouse has a broad and important impact on our everyday lives. At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists were searching for a stand-in for human to perform medical experiments on; their eyes fell on mouse clubs and fanciers who competed to breed the perfect mouse. The species turned out to be an excellent test subject, since its rapid rate of reproduction allows scientists to efficiently observe the effects of genetic expression. This paved the way for a revolution in medical treatment of various diseases: without the mouse, our lives would be a lot shorter and a lot less healthy.

The film is structured as a trip through a laboratory maze, in which interviews, tableaux, and objects intersect with the meandering path of a small mouse. In addition to exploring the use of mice in medical research, the film touches on their role in religious practice, space travel, and psychological phobias.

The Mouse was shot between 2009 and 2011 in Sweden, England, the United States, India, China, and Taiwan.



Photos: Lars Siltberg



"The Mouse," 2012
25 min. HD

Written and directed by
Bigert & Bergström

Director of photography
Lars Siltberg
Adam Wakeling
Bigert & Bergström

Niklas Berglund

David Östberg
Goran Kaifes

Sounddesign and mix
David Östberg

Graphic design
Johan Hierpe

Digital effects/Grading
Lars Siltberg

Fido Film
Aron Heinemann

Studio assistants
Jens Lind
Cecilia Runesson

Cecilia Runesson
Tove Kjellmark

Thanks to the participants
The personnel at Karolinska Institutet
Peter Samson Petersen, Djurtransport
Anna Karlstedt, Psychiatrist
Jacke Sjödin, Patient
Lu Yang, artist Beijing
Tom Kling Bigert
The Mice: Pip, Brain, Albino, 
Night Vision & Super Sonic

Produced by Bigert & Bergström in co-production with 
SVT Documentaries, project manager Kaisa Westling 
and Helena Ingelsen, with support from The Swedish 
Film Institute, film consultant Andra Lasmanis. 
© Bigert & Bergström 2012
Flyer/poster of the film