The film and public performance VMA borrows its title from the emergency broadcast system of Sweden (Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten [Important Message to the Public]), which is supposed to warn the public of an alarming accident or impending foreign attack.

In a time when much public discourse has been reduced to rhetoric that no one listens to, it is time for a wake-up call. The film depicts a week during which every morning begins in the same way: Bigert & Bergström, sleeping in a custom-designed ambulance, are woken up by different groups of people in dire need of assistance. With flashing orange lights, the artists drive these needy people around, helping them to stage performances, receive health treatments, and provide art for therapeutic purposes. The ambulance is painted with green chalkboard paint that allows passers-by to leave comments on the car. The ambulance thus also constitutes a communal “speakers corner,” or a vessel for public speech.

VMA, 2015
Ambulance, sirens, chalkboard paint, chalk, choir, 
ear-cleaning devices, knitted octopuses,incubator, 
funhouse mirrors, megaphones, dimensions variable

VMA, 2015
14 min. HD



Photo: Lars Siltberg

artists’ sketches



Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki, 30 Jan 2015

Swedish Film House, Stockholm, 13 April, 2015

Swedish Television, April-November 2015

Örebro Konsthall, as part of the exhibition “Prognosis,” 2018

"VMA," the film

"VMA," 2015
14 min. HD
"Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten / 
Important Message To The Public"

Written and directed by 
Bigert & Bergström

Director of photography
Lars Siltberg

Assisting camera
Giorgos Chloros

Kristofer Nordin

Assisting editor
Salad Hilowle

Sound design and mix 
Thomas Huhn, Ljudligan/Chimney



Production manager
Emma Engström

Studio assistant
Jens Lind

Produced by Bigert & Bergström 
with the support of SVT/K special, 
Charlotte Gry Madsen and Emelie Persson 
and Swedish Film Institute, Cecilia Lidin
©Bigert & Bergström 2014


Brass musicians: Niklas Barnö, Goran Kajfeš, Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson,
Johan Norin and Emil Strandberg
Choire: rasmussons Vokalensemble
Crotcheters: Ann Bergström, Elisabeth Floodman, Annika Hedström, Ulla Beth Lind and Seija Rudsberg
Ear cleaners: Vinnss Chuah, Snow Ruoxue and Hongxia Zhang 
Neonatal unit: Family Cabreras, Vega Hertsius-Trygg and Cecilia Runesson
Politicians: Karin Bröms, Wanda Hamburgo, Gustaf wilhelm Hellstedt and Vincent de Montleau 
Students and teachers at Lugnets skola, Ängen 3
Homless EU-migrants

Special thanks to
Föreningen HEM, Medicinhistoriska museet i Uppsala, Ssbf and Kila kyrka
Process of shooting the film. Photo: Studio Bigert & Bergström