The Climate Fix
Bohusläns Museum, Udevalla

The exhibition The Climate Fix spans Bigert & Bergström`s 30 years of collaboration, from works inspired by the dioramas of biological museums to pieces that show the connection between man’s technological achievements and the increasingly alarming climate changes of our time.

With an artistically creative approach, the artist duo succeeds, from a conceptual starting point, in visualizing important connections between climate and human impact. In this exhibition, they attempt to problematize how science and technology have tried to control the weather and create artificial climates. 

The weather constantly affects us, both physically and psychologically, and has also influenced history through its capriciousness. With creative innovation and sharp humor, Bigert & Bergström highlight the drastic change of the climate as the most important issue of our time, which is ultimately about human survival and the Earth as a sustainable planet for all living creatures.

Exhibition floor plan
Installation view. Front: "Winter Storage", 2017. Back: "Backstage Diorama", (2008)