Flash of Genius

The Nacka Cultural House outside of Stockholm is a vibrant and active meeting place for diverse cultural activities. A library, art gallery, theater, cinema, and restaurant are all housed in this former industrial hall. One of the answers to what a cultural center like this produces is ideas; Flash of Genius is a simple representation of this product. It consists of a large-scale lightbulb in an armature below which people can sit, rest, and discuss. When a person sits down, a sensor triggers light in part of the filament-shaped acrylic bulb. As more people gather around the bulb, the brain-shaped filament lights up completely.


"Flash of Genius," 2002
Polyester, acrylic, neon lights,
pressure sensors, relays, stainless steel
320 x 240 x 240 cm

Photos: Studio Bigert & Bergström
Artists' sketch
Illustration by Johan Mets
"Flash of Genius," details